Costa Brava Oct 2005

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First 2 Images are from White Stripes concert at the Razzmatazz, BCN.
Third is of the famous Torre Agbar in Barcelona.
Below: the trip proper, with on the crew of the "mule": Arno, Esther, Annie, Carolina and Jason.
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Check out the gorgeous views from the flat rented in Cadaques.
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Above right: the house where Salvador Dali used to live.
The place is called Port lligat. Surrounded by some very inspiring nature !
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DSC01477.JPG DSC01479.JPG DSC01480.JPG
Pictures below were taken at Empuries, a town founded by the Greek colonists from Phocaea around 575 BC !.
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DSC01484.JPG DSC01486.JPG DSC01487.JPG
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On the way back, quick stopover in LŽEscala

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