My 21st birthday in the US: something to celebrate !

The place where it all happened: the Dutch Mansion

Who is that guy walking into my picture ?

The 2 happy birthdayers: Arno and Sander
But who is that dude behind us ?

Presentation: Mark and Charles

Jochem is also in the house: Yeah

Elise and Alicia always there when there is a party.

And that's why I love them so much.

And I am not the only one

Janneke, Sander and "Miss background" (Danielle)

Madame Alicia

Arno takes his own pictures

One more with Giancarla

Can you smell the alcohol ?

The neighbors are also partying

Nice neighbors by the way

I mean the girls ;-)

Nice neighborhood..

After the Dutch Mansion everybody to the KA house

Quite a big house...

That's what I like in America, everybody is so friendly....

And for all the guys here is a little zoom ;-)