Some of my friends at Western

A part of my Fan-Club:
from left to right: Mara, Soul, Arno, Reeten and Steven

Souleymane, our "star"

Lolo keeps everything under control

Mark in Washington: Fuck y'all !

Brent, a little dutch, a little more french and american, and most of all very drunk !

Steven, my neighbor, not very dangerous after all

Reeten falls asleep, drunk playing tetris...

Soul at 3 in the afternoon: preparing to kick some ass

Laurent is tempted

Madame Grenouille at the "Dutch Mansion"

Soul is thinking ! That is worth at least a picture !

Search the error

Smooth P, also known as Albinos or "Hammer"

Lolo having breakfast

Jochem, one of those "dutchies"

Brent and Mark, aren't they cute ?

ELise in the snow (yes there can be snow at WCU)

The internationals in the Asheville Citizen Times